Why Use Invertebrates

EntomoPharm provides insect based screening models for predicting ADMET properties of chemical agents. Insect models are excellent as intermediate model systems due to the simplicity combined with fast reproducibility and at same time the model produces data that are reflecting mammalian ADMET properties.

Insects are useful as substitutes to vertebrate models for a number of reasons:

  • Similar basic pharmacology – Prototypical CNS drugs induce similar responses
  • Insect brain barrier functionality has been highly conserved during evolution
  • Insect brain barrier contain tight junctions  – Similar diffusional barrier functionality
  • Efflux transporters expressed in brain barrier – Similar active barrier functionality
  • Full pharmacokinetic profiling can be performed in larger insect species
  • Potential for full PKPD models in individual animals
  • Insects contain all elements of mammalian absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion
  • Contains fully functional plasma/brain compartments which reflect the overall mammalian morphology more realistically than isolated in vitro assays
  • Drosophila used as CNS disease models
  • Less ethical concerns than for higher order species