In Vivo BBB

The in vivo locust BBB permeability model has been tested in-house on a number of well characterized known drugs and the results obtained by this model reflects what is seen in vertebrate studies. Moreover, the in vivo model is suitable if the aim is to study brain permeability under in vivo conditions, in the dynamic environment of a whole animal system.

The charts below shows the results obtained from testing known drugs in the insect in vivo model.


Figure text: In the in vivo Locust BBB model the brain:hemolymph ratios of the test compounds 15 min after injection of 40 uL into the hemolymph show marked difference between the CNS drugs and the peripheral drug loperamide. Blue bars represent CNS drugs while the green bars represent non-CNS drugs.


Figure text: The brain concentrations of the CNS active compounds 15 min after injection to the hemolymph are significantly higher than that of loperamide. Results are mean +/- s.e.m. *<0.05, **<0.01 in two-tailed two sampled students t-test against the non-CNS drug Loperamide (n=3).