One of the most frequent reasons for closing drug discovery projects is related to absorption, distribution, metabolic, or excretion (ADME) problems. To encounter the potential ADME problems EntomoPharm are developping insect models that can be used in the early drug discovery phase.

Insect models are excellent as model systems due to the simplicity combined with fast reproducibility and high quality data. The insect models are low cost models allowing many compounds to be tested even in the very early discovery phase. Thus, insect models provide a large amount of high quality data that can be used in the drug design process and this will guide the scientists hunting for new compounds with an adequate ADME profile.

EntomoPharm publication: Nielsen PA, Andersson O,  Hansen SH, Simonsen KB, Andersson G (2011). Models for predicting blood-brain barrier permeation. Drug Discovery Today, June;16 (11-12):472-5.