As CRO service we offer our fully validated ex vivo blood brain barrier screening model providing an exciting opportunity to make customized study design generating more sophisticated and completely unique data to assess:

  • Barrier permeability that discriminates CNS from non-CNS compounds
  • Concentration dependent brain uptake patterns
  • Identification and classification of Pgp transporter substrates
  • Identification of energy dependent substrate transport
  • Quantification of BBB permeability
  • Pgp substrates that may have terapeutic effect on CNS target
  • Transporter substrates (Influx / efflux)
  • Slow vs fast permeating compounds

We offer collaboration with our clients to make customized study design using our ex vivo BBB screening model in a fee for service and milestone defined project model.

For more information and a capability presentation please contact Peter Aadal at e-mail pan@entomopharm.com

For additional information please see:

ex vivo BBB screening model